Will 2012 Set a Record for Tornado Disasters in the US?

April 25, 2012

2011 was a year that saw several major tornado outbreaks in the United States and less than a year later, the twisters are making a huge comeback. Just 3 months into the New Year and the Midwestern and Southeastern states have already reportedly witnessed over a 100 tornadoes. The number will likely come down a bit once official investigations peg a confirmed figure. Billions of dollars have already been lost to these furious twisters and people are starting to wonder if 2012 is going to set a record for tornado disasters in the US!

Billion Dollar Twisters

Over $1 billion worth of property and belongings were damaged in the 5 separate 2011 twister episodes. But early 2012 tornado disasters have already crossed that figure in damages. Uncertain weather conditions and unprecedented climatic changes have put people very much on the edge. In fact, in several towns in states like Alabama where tornadoes struck last year as well, the March 2012 episodes have sucked out all hope from the residents who were still rebuilding their homes and starting over again. People are wondering if their towns have some sort of twister-attracting property that is causing repeat episodes of the disaster.

From what scientists already know about deadly twisters, their path of destruction is quite arbitrary. If you have seen the tornado information series on Discovery Channel or if you have ever experienced a live tornado and lived to tell the tale, you have probably witnessed this phenomenon. Deadly twisters can be very random and change directions as the storm system builds up on strength. Field studies that were conducted in the aftermath of violent tornado disasters have found tornadoes taking the most unpredictable directions as suggested by debris relocated by them. There is no truth in the fact that certain areas have weather systems that attract violent tornadoes. A statistician would in fact, deem it highly unlikely for an area to be struck repeatedly by a tornado. There is clearly no way to predict if 2012 is going to set a record for tornado disasters. Unfortunately, the odds are in favor of the twisters.

Disaster Preparedness Becomes Need of the Hour

Ohio, Kentucky, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina and West Virginia are some of the states that suffered tornado outbreaks between February and March 2012. Some of these states came under attack in 2011 as well. Over 50 people have lost their lives in these disasters and some really grim news stories of people including children being carried away from their homes by a tornado, are making waves across the US.

As cities expand and the density of population increases, areas become more vulnerable to tornado disasters. A spate of tornadoes in an area typically knocks off the storm warning systems. Although the National Weather Services forecasts were able to warn people in some areas, the fact remains that despite a high-risk warning some of those places were not hit. State government officials are worried that this may result in future warnings not being taken very seriously. As we have already mentioned, there are no tornado-prone or tornado-proof areas. It is best to take heed of the storm warnings and head for the storm shelters in time. In case of these unpredictable and violent twisters, it is better to be safe than sorry and best to stay clear of their sphere of influence!

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