flood and water damage serivces

Water & Flood Damage Restoration Services

Water damage restoration requires specialized equipment and highly trained techicians. The water damage specialist team at The Disaster Recovery Pros of Jarvis has over fifty years of industry experience and has assisted with small residential home cleanup services to large scale FEMA disaster zone restoration projects. Water damage technicians with The Disaster Recovery Pros of Jarvis receive the industrys most advanced training and are certified through the IICRC. As one of the countries largest property restoration firms Jarvis has a large inventory of specialized equipment such as desicant humidifiers, thermal imaging cameras, Injectidry and Tes Drying systems to effectively extract water and completely dry down a damaged property.


Emergency disaster from a flood can happen at almost anytime. Areas that are close to coastal waters (Florida, Texas) are likely going to be more susceptible to water damage created by tropical storms or hurricanes. In the Midwest, in areas such as Michigan and Iowa, significant changes in the weather can lead unexpected water damage disasters. Flooding in a property can arrive from both internal and external water sources. The most common causes for home floods are a breakdown in the properties plumbing system. Frozen or broken pipes can quickly create large scale water damage disasters. Small undetected leaks in a plumbing system can lead to a severe flood emergency if the problem goes undetected for a period of time.

External water sources can be one of the more challening flooding problems to fix. Most property owners who have basements will experience some dampness or moisture problems at some period of home ownership. Sump pumps can asssist with helping to remove excess moisture from under a homes foundation. The challenge of keeping a basement dry increases during large stroms where there may be a power loss. Homeowners who invest heavily in remodeling a basement area should consider a special addition to their insurance policty, as certain types of coverage will not offer coverage from flooding that occurs from external sources or storms. Cleaning a wet basement requires specialized machines that can extract water and fans that can quickly dry down a structure. Wet basments can quickly become a feeding ground for mold to grow, creating a larger scale property disaster.

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