Texas Hit by Damaging, Flooding Storms

May 13, 2012

For people living in the southern half of Texas, it has been a stormy, wet end to the week. There were several a href=”http://www.floodwaterdamagecleanup.com/flood-and-water-damage-cleanup-houston-tx/”> on Thursday as well as numerous reports of tornadoes. Thousands of homes and businesses lost power in the Houston area as thunderstorms moved through Thursday night.

A tornado reportedly touched down in the community of Weimar Thursday night, which is in the southeastern of the Lone Star state. Several people in a trailer there were injured slightly and more than two dozen train cars were derailed due to strong, gusting winds. The high school football field in Weimer sustained heavy damage as the press box and two stadium lights were completely destroyed.

The Houston area has been under a drought as it has received less than an inch of rain over the past three weeks. But with the strong storm system that is hanging over the area now, those drought-like conditions will improve as a total of one to three inches of rain is expected this weekend.

The storm system that is moving into Louisiana is bringing with it heavy rain showers and strong thunderstorms to the region. The system is pulling a great deal of moisture and energy up from the Gulf. People in the storm’s path can expect severe weather this weekend with heavy rainfall, damaging winds, hailstorms and possibly tornadoes.

The severe weather knocked down trees in many areas in northern Texas. Large bolts of lightening were witnessed by several people – striking trees and splitting them in half. Some of the lightening strikes resulted in small fires, downed powerlines and tree limbs being knocked onto cars. In central Texas, several flash flood warnings were issued Thursday evening. Emergency crews in Austin conducted several water rescues Thursday as several residents were trapped inside their flooded homes when creeks and streams flooded over. Several cars were also reported stalled out on Austin-area roads which were overcome with floodwater.

The heaviest rains which will include some severe thunderstorms are predicted to fall along the Gulf Coast in southern Louisiana. People living in portions of Mississippi and Alabama also can expect some wet weather as between two and four inches of rain are forecast for the region. There is a chance that floods could occur in this part of country in low-lying areas.


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