Strong Storms Knock out Power in Indiana and Spawn Twisters in NYC

January 9, 2013

Utility crews worked overtime this weekend to restore electricity to hundreds of homes and businesses left in the dark in Indiana after severe storms struck the Hoosier State. The bad thunderstorms moved across Indiana Friday night, knocking down trees and powerlines. Over two inches of water was dumped on Indianapolis Friday night, making September the fourth wettest in the city’s history in just the first week. Some homes in the city were flooded but for the most part, no major flooding was reported by the city’s Dept. of Public Works.

The line of strong thunderstorms moved eastward, dumping rain along its path. When the system closed in on New York City Saturday, it spawned two twisters which hurled debris and caused some minor damage. The first twister hit the shoreline on a peninsula in Queens as it sucked up water and sand and then small pieces of buildings. That twister swept out to sea but ten minutes later, another funnel cloud formed and touched down along the shoreline of Brooklyn. The National Weather Service had put out a tornado warning for Brooklyn and Queens but nonetheless, the twisters caught many people by surprise as tornadoes are not all that common in the NYC area. Several seaside bungalows were damaged as the first twister ripped the roofs off, leaving behind a big mess of broken bottles, smashed electronics and other debris strewn about.

Southwestern Indiana residents and work crews were busy this weekend cleaning up after a series of thunderstorms knocked over powerlines, downed trees and tore roofs off buildings Friday night. Those storms packed winds in excess of 60 miles per hour, leaving their mark in a year that has featured very few major storms. The worst storm damage in Indiana occurred in Warrick County as there were several reports there of trees down across roads and trees crashing into homes. Those storms were the result of a cold front that pushed humid air upward and prompted heavy downpours of rain, high winds and noticeably cooler temperatures.

Hundred of people in Indianapolis were still without power Saturday night after that city was struck by severe weather. There were reports of some residential flooding however the city’s Dept of Public Works said Saturday that there was no serious street flooding. Indianapolis got over two inches of rain Saturday which was enough to force the cancellation of several planned events including numerous high school football games.


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