If A Tree Falls On Your Home Is This Covered By Insurance

January 9, 2013

Insurance that is purchased for a home comes with various coverage. One coverage that is included on all policies is for damage that is caused by rain, hail, wind, and a tree that comes down. If your home is the victim of a falling tree, then your insurance will pay to remove the tree and fix any damage that has occurred. You will be responsible for paying the deductible that applies to your policy.

A tree will need to fall onto your home during a covered peril in your policy. Coverage is not available for negligence. This means that if you cut down a tree on your property and it falls on your house, your policy may not provide coverage. You can check this by reviewing the exclusions that may apply to the policy for your home.

The location of a tree typically does not matter if it hits your house. The tree can be on your property or on your neighbor’s property. Your insurance will typically cover the cost of removal and repairs. Should a tree is later found to be diseased or if it is leaning to one side, then your neighbor may be liable. If the tree was not properly trimmed, then your insurance company may try to recover damages. Make sure to check with an insurance adjuster if you have any questions.

One way to see if a tree is a possible problem for causing damage is to see if there are any cracks and if there are any large branches that are dead. This is a sign that the tree may be dying and not healthy. If a tree is not healthy, then it may eventually fall in a strong wind or rain. A tree that is not healthy can also be rotted on the inside. You may not know this until after the tree falls and hits your house.

Place a call to your insurance company if a tree comes down and hits your house. Your insurer will then send out a claims adjuster to assess the damage. The adjuster will then issue a check or compile a list of information that is used to make a decision. The payout from your insurance company will be made if a contractor is hired to remove the tree and repair your home. The deductible for your insurance policy is deducted from any payout that is made.


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