Dozens of Tornadoes Reported Across US – Storms Taking Aim on Midwest Sunday

April 15, 2012

Hail the size of baseballs ravaged portions of northeast Nebraska Saturday, damaging many homes and businesses and shattering glass. Dozens of tornadoes were spotted in Kansas and Oklahoma as forecasters were warning people living in the mid-section of the country to be prepared for potentially life threatening weather.

At sunrise Saturday, tornado sirens sounded in Oklahoma City when several twisters were reported outside the metropolitan area. A few homes received damage although no serious injuries were reported. However, the most perilous weather is still being predicted by the National Weather Service. Officials are warning people in the Midwest to be prepared overnight for tornado sirens to sound as many fast moving twisters could develop. There is a very large area of the Midwest that is at risk for tornadoes which includes portions of Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

One of the tornadoes in Oklahoma Saturday struck near the small community of Piedmont – taking a similar course as a twister last spring that killed several people there. Residents of that community have worked together to create several storm shelters in their town.

It was just the second time in history that the Storm Prediction Center put out a serious warning more than twenty-four hours in advance that the tornado outbreak could be “life-threatening”. The last warning of this kind was in April ’06 when dozens of twisters ripped across the southeastern portion of the country – killing twelve people and damaging hundreds of homes in Tennessee.

In Wichita, sixteen aircraft re-fueling tankers were being relocated Saturday at an Air Force base due to the fact that they would be very costly to replace if damaged by large hail or tornadoes. Numerous events were canceled or rescheduled across Kansas on Saturday due to the rapidly deteriorating weather. Significant damage occurred at a mobile home park in Wichita as well to an industrial section of the city’s south side.

Tornado season started early in the United States this year. Already, fifty-seven deaths have been blamed on twisters in the south and Midwest, raising fears that 2012 will be a repeat of 2011 or perhaps even worse. Last year, 550 people lost their lives in tornadoes including over 300 who were killed in April in five states and 161 were lost their lives in Joplin, Missouri in May.

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