2012 Thus Far has been Interesting as far as Weather is Concerned

April 12, 2012

Unusual weather patterns which have existed across the United States thus far this year have resulted in many records being broken. Record high temperatures dominated across the eastern portion of the country in March resulting in the warmest March for the lower forty-eight states since temperatures were first recorded back in 1895 – so says the National Climate Data Center.

The first quarter of the year was also the warmest on record. The early March tornado outbreak in the Southeast and Ohio Valley region of the country which resulted in dozens of fatalities is the first weather event of the year to exceed the one billion dollar mark as far as damages go.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA stated recently that there were over two hundred and twenty tornadoes reported during March – a month that normally averages eighty tornadoes. Most of the tornado activity occurred across the Ohio Valley and in the southeastern portion of the US and resulted in forty people losing their lives. Total losses from the tornadoes are estimated to be more than $1.5 billion – making this the first event of the year to exceed $1 billion in damages and losses.

A large, turbulent weather system affected Hawaii in early March, resulting in extremely heavy rains and severe thunderstorm activity. A rare tornado struck two communities on Oahu, causing some minor damages. In Alaska, the temperatures during March ranked as the 10th
coolest on record. Another system dropped hail the size of softballs – the largest hailstones on record for the state.

The recent cold season in the United States which runs from October to March was the 2nd warmest on record for the lower forty-eight states. Temperatures averaged 3.8 degrees Fahrenheit above average during that period. The most recent cold season which was warmer than the last was that of 1999 to 2000.

What does this all mean? Is the unusual weather in the country related to global warming? Scientists are not sure. There is a whole lot that we still do not know about the planet’s climate. It simply is not known if the recent unusual weather patterns have been brought on by mankind or were caused due to the natural cycle of the earth. We can only hope that through more research we can be better prepared in the future for unexpected and unusual weather conditions.

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